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Program Highlights

Program  Highlights

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Magic Circle School

Music Matters

Magic Circle School

Instructor: Christina Sahloff

Christina Sahloff has a Bachelors in Music from Mercyhurst University. Her concentration was in music education and with a major instrument in voice and minor in piano. She has certifications in Kindermusik as well as Musikgarten. Christina has been teaching private piano lessons for 19 years, early childhood music classes for 15 years and private voice lessons for 5 years. 

What to Expect in Music Classes

Music classes are based around the four seasons and animals. Classes incorporate movement, finger plays and simple rhythm instruments (rhythm sticks, egg shakers, triangles, hand drums, rain sticks and many more.) We will also use manipulative's such as scarves and puppets. I also teach musical terms presto, largo, piano, forte, high and low to name a few. My main goal is to have fun and share the joy of music.